Fire Protection Services are exclusively into the field of fire protection, be it design, consultancy or execution. The scope of our services includes fire detection and alarm, fire fighting and gas based automatic extinguishing systems.

Fire Fighting System comprises of

Here, we designed and erect a well-balanced system to enable our customer to Successfully fight any category of fire.

Wet or Dry Hydrant System-:

  • Wet hydrant system is an automatic system under constant pressure, operation of
  • Any hydrant valve would result in the automatic starting of the pumps.
  • Dry hydrant system is a manual system.

Sprinkler system-:

  • This is a system hydraulically designed keeping in the mind the mind the kind of sprinklers are be used. The system becomes operative as soon as the sprinkler bulb bursts in case of fire.

Emulsifier System:

  • This system becomes operative through the FIRE-DETECTION system.

Gas Flooding System:

  • This system is ideally used for fighting electrical fires (HT/LT), fuel fires and fires in computer rooms.
  • The system integrated with the fire detection system and activates automatically when needed.
  • The entire above are monitored through the BMB which also monitor close/ open condition of control valves, operation of solenoid valves and deactivation of pumping system in case of false operation.
  • Our system are designed as per NFPA and TAC requirement we also in co-ordination with TAC approval and final certification of the system thereby getting maximum insurance
  • Premium discounts for our client.

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